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CrunchBang++ 12.0 Released with Debian 12 “Bookworm” Base

A fresh release – CrunchBang++ 12.0, is now available for download.

CrunchBang++, the successor to the cherished CrunchBang Linux project, has unveiled its latest release, version 12.0, based on the recently released Debian 12 Bookworm. Known for its minimal system resource usage and compatibility with low-end hardware, CrunchBang Linux has garnered a dedicated following among Linux enthusiasts.

The new CrunchBang++ iteration continues to carry on the legacy of its predecessor, offering a 32-bit installer for users with outdated hardware or PCs – a rare feature in today’s landscape. Additionally, CrunchBang++ now utilizes the powerful Debian 12 Bookworm as its base, catering to the needs of modern users seeking stability and reliability.

CrunchBang++ 12.0 Release

Notable among the updates is the availability of both 32-bit and 64-bit ISO variants, providing broader compatibility options for a wide range of systems. While the installer size has slightly increased compared to the previous CrunchBang++ 11.2 version, the benefits of improved performance and a fresh foundation more than compensate for this minor trade-off.

While the updated Debian 12 base is the primary enhancement, CrunchBang++ users can expect a refreshed assortment of underlying packages and modules. Some of the key updated packages include Linux Kernel 6.1, Firefox ESR 102.12, Catfish file search 4.16, Thunar file manager 4.18, Geany text editor 1.38, and VLC Media player 3.0.18.

These updates ensure that CrunchBang++ remains up-to-date with the latest software offerings, providing users with a modern and reliable computing experience.

Continuing its commitment to lightweight and efficient performance, CrunchBang++ retains the default OpenBox window manager, now featuring the latest version 3.6.1. Complementing this window manager are several other essential tools, including gmrun – a lightweight application launcher, the Tint2 panel positioned at the top of the desktop, and dmenu[ an elegant and straightforward dynamic menu system. Together, these components contribute to a streamlined and user-friendly environment for CrunchBang++ users.

With CrunchBang++ 12.0, Linux enthusiasts and users with older hardware can relish an upgraded experience without compromising the system’s resource efficiency. Whether you’re a fan of the CrunchBang lineage or a newcomer looking for a lightweight and reliable Linux distribution, CrunchBang++ 12.0, with its Debian 12 Bookworm base, is an exciting release worth exploring.

You can download both 32-bit and 64-bit ISO from the below page.

If you want to learn more about CrunchBang and read a detailed review, do check out my earlier walkthrough of this distro here.

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