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Brave Browser is Sending Physical Mailers to Actual Addresses

Some folks received postal ads from Brave browser, asking them to install it.

Brave Browser and its Privacy Mailers

At least two people (so far) reported on Twitter that the Brave browser sent them postal ads to their own homes/other residential addresses. The ads contain their marketing which asks users to install the Brave browser.

The creepy ads also display that “New Brave User” in those mailers.

“I got this in the mail from… brave. Nothing says you care about privacy like sending unsolicited marketing spam. Never give them any personal details in my life.” says Sebastian in his Twitter post (link below).

Twitter screenshot of Brave browser sending Ads (Link to tweet)

The irony is that the ads also say to “own your data”, and Brave somehow got your address. It’s astonishing how it manages to get hold of someone’s physical address without giving addresses ever using the Brave browser. As per one of the Twitter users, the USPS (US Postal Service) add the addresses as a standard marketing practice. But how it eventually reaches a Brave browser user is still surprising.

After the above Tweet became popular, another user also reported receiving a similar mailer.

Moreover, we recently reported that Duck Duck Go was caught sending some tracking data to Microsoft in this context while using its browser service. And now, this whole incident of Brave Browser tells us one thing: “Privacy” is a total myth, and eventually, people get caught selling data.

Finally, we are left with Firefox and Vivaldi, who might be the last beacon of privacy.

Update 10:00 AM EST, 6/2

The Brave CEO confirmed the mailer and here’s what he said:

Image credits: Respective Twitter users as mentioned above.

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