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BlackBox 0.14.0 Brings Fresh Look and Powerful Features

The most fantastic terminal app BlackBox 0.14.0, brings some exciting features.

An updated version of the beloved GTK4/libadwaita terminal app, BlackBox 0.14.0, has just hit the virtual shelves, and it comes packed with a host of cool new features and enhancements to elevate your terminal experience!

BlackBox 0.14.0
BlackBox 0.14.0

BlackBox 0.14.0: Feature Highlights

BlackBox, known for its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, has stepped up its game with version 0.14.0. Let’s dive straight into the exciting changes you can expect:

1. Revamped Color Schemes: The latest release introduces brand new default Adwaita and Adwaita Dark colour schemes, providing a refreshing look to the terminal interface. Customize your environment to suit your mood and enhance visual comfort during long coding sessions.

2. Style Picker for Added Convenience: The main menu now features a style picker, allowing users to choose from a selection of styles and themes easily. Whether you prefer a minimalist layout or a more vibrant appearance, BlackBox has you covered.

3. Tailored Working Directory: Embrace better productivity with the ability to customize the working directory for new tabs. This feature streamlines your workflow by instantly opening new tabs in your preferred locations.

Custom working directory
Custom working directory

4. Enhanced Tab/Window Management: Worried about accidentally closing an active tab with critical processes running? Fret not! BlackBox 0.14.0 introduces tab/window close confirmations when processes are still active, preventing unnecessary disruptions.

5. Silencing the Terminal Bell: The annoying terminal bell sound can now be a thing of the past! With the option to disable the terminal bell, you can enjoy a serene and uninterrupted working environment.

6. Bright Colors for Bold Text: For those who appreciate a more vivid and eye-catching terminal display, the new version offers an option to use bright colours for bold text, adding an extra touch of visual flair to your terminal experience.

7. Stay Informed with Desktop Notifications: Stay on top of your tasks with desktop notifications for process completion. You’ll never miss a crucial update again!

8. More Functionality with Right-Click Menu: BlackBox 0.14.0 introduces two handy options to the right-click menu – ‘Open’ and ‘Copy Link’. These nifty additions simplify various tasks and improve overall usability.

Open Link and Copy Link option in context menu
Open Link and Copy Link option in context menu

9. Personalize Your Terminal with Tab Renaming: One of the most requested features has been granted! BlackBox now allows you to rename tabs, bringing a sense of personalization to your workspace.

10. Performance Boost: Behind the scenes, the developers have worked tirelessly to optimize BlackBox, resulting in noticeable performance improvements. Enjoy a smoother and more responsive terminal application.

For installation, you can set up your system for Flatpak and Flathub. Then use the below commands to install it.

flatpak install flathub com.raggesilver.BlackBox

BlackBox 0.14.0 brings a perfect blend of style, functionality, and enhanced productivity to the Linux terminal environment. Its feature-rich interface empowers users to customize their experience while enjoying improved performance.

Happy terminal exploring!

Via Joey@ Omg! Linux

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