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Audacity 3.5 Released with Sound Editing with Cloud Sync

Audacity 3.5 scores a sizable update, brings sound editing with Cloud Sync and auto tempo detection.

The popular open-source audio editor, Audacity, has released its latest version, Audacity 3.5, bringing a host of new features and improvements for sound editing, recording, and digitizing. This release comes just months after the project was taken over by Muse Group, and the new version continues to build on the strong foundation laid by the development team.

One of the most significant new features in Audacity 3.5 is the ability to save projects in the cloud service. This allows users to work on a project from any device, exchange projects, organize collaboration, and restore previous versions in case of loss of information on the local system. This feature is especially useful for users who work on multiple devices or collaborate with others on audio projects.

Another major improvement is the ability to automatically determine the tempo of imported cyclic recordings (loop) and adjust it. Both audio analysis and metadata information are used to determine tempo, and automatic tempo detection can be disabled in the settings if needed. This feature is particularly useful for musicians and producers who work with loops and samples.

Audacity 3.5 also provides support for non-destructively shifting the pitch of a clip. Changing the pitch is done through the “Pitch and speed…” dialog in the menu or in the main interface by pressing the up or down keys while holding the Alt key. This feature is useful for musicians, singers, and producers who want to change the pitch of a recording without changing its duration.

In addition, Audacity 3.5 adds support for exporting tags in files with subtitles in WebVTT and SubRip formats, as well as importing in SubRip format. This feature is useful for users who work with video and want to include subtitles or captions in their projects.

The plugin manager has been redesigned in Audacity 3.5, making it easier to manage and install plugins. The new version also includes improved support for BSD systems and rearranged elements in some menus.

It’s worth noting that some features have been removed in Audacity 3.5, including mouse settings, printing options, the screenshot tool, karaoke mode, tooltip settings, the voice removal effect, and the EQ XML to TXT converter. However, these removals are unlikely to affect most users, as the new version includes many new features and improvements that more than make up for the loss of these features.

You can update your existing Audacity installation using standard Linux distribution updates.

Alternatively, you can download the AppImage version from this page. Remember, this requires libfuse2 for effective usage.

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