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AlmaLinux 9.0 Beta Released for Community Testing

A list of new packages and features in AlmaLinux 9.0 beta is available for download and testing.

AlmaLinux is a community-supported Linux Distribution targeted at servers, desktop computers, and enterprise workstations. AlmaLinux was created by the CloudLinux team after the entire RedHat-CentOS event last year. The aim was to provide a solid, enterprise-grade Linux Distribution that is one-to-one binary compatible with RHEL.

AlmaLinux 9.0 Beta

AlmaLinux 9.0 Beta – What’s New

With that said, the team announced the AlmaLinux 9.0 Beta with an updated package and toolchain. The significant changes include the latest PHP 8.0, Perl 5.32 and Git 2.31, the current stable version. In addition to that, Apache HTTP Server 2.4 and MySQL 8.0 are also bumped up in AlmaLinux 9.0 beta following the RHEL binaries.

Furthermore, the GNU utilities that include GCC 11.2, GNU C Library Glibc 2.34 and Binutils 2.35 also make it to this version.

If you have a Java workload, you should note that Maven 3.6 and Ant 1.10 are updated in the Java tool sections. Moreover, the QEMU emulator is now built using the Clang Compiler (a replacement for the GCC compiler). This makes the virtual machines hosted in AlmaLinux 9 more secure against Return-Oriented Programming (ROP) attacks.

In addition to the above changes, major database servers in this release bring their latest versions which we listed here.

Moreover, the latest OpenSSL package and performance improvement of SELinux and WireGuard VPN as a tech preview are some of the major highlights of this release of ALmaLinux.

Finally, suppose you use the desktop version for AlmaLinux. In that case, GNOME 40.9 is available as the default desktop, which is very stable and can make an excellent sound system that you can build with this Linux Distribution.

Download and Summary

If you are interested, you can download the ISO files from the below links and give a hand to the team for the testing. Ensure to report any bugs or reach out to the support forum for any assistance.

AlmaLinux-9.0-beta-1-x86_64-boot.iso (64 bit – boot iso)

Via release notes

red_hat_enterprise_linux 9.0_release_notes

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