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4MLinux 44 Stable Released for Older Hardware

The 4MLinux team has just dropped their latest stable release, 4MLinux 44.0, and it’s packed with goodies for users of older hardware. This quarterly update stays true to the distro’s core values of being lightweight, versatile, and user-friendly, while adding a bunch of new features and improvements.

For those new to 4MLinux: it’s a Linux distribution designed to breathe new life into ageing computers. It’s resource-efficient and packed with essential applications, including a powerful LAMP stack for web development, multimedia tools, maintenance utilities, and even some intriguing mystery games.

4MLinux 44

What’s new in 4MLinux 44.0

One of the unusual updates of this release is the default wallpaper. It is from the Windows 11 wallpaper selection in black/white.It’s weird, considering it is the default selection.

That’s the update of this final quarterly release of 2023 from the team.

Closing Notes

4MLinux 44.0 is a significant release that builds upon the prior 4MLinux 43 while adding valuable new features and improvements. It’s a lightweight powerhouse that proves you don’t need a high-end machine to enjoy the benefits of Linux.

For more information and download links, head to the official 4MLinux website:

Don’t let your old PC gather dust; give it a new lease on life with 4MLinux 44.0!

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