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Opera Browser Plans to Integrate ChatGPT

Opera browser is reportedly looking to integrate the language model ChatGPT into its desktop and mobile products.

In brief

  • Opera browser, a popular desktop and mobile web browser is reportedly exploring integrating the language model ChatGPT into its products.
  • Microsoft recently announced the integration of OpenAI technology, the maker of ChatGPT, into its Microsoft Edge web browser, adding AI-powered features for users.

Opera and ChatGPT

Opera, a widely-used desktop and mobile web browser is set to integrate the language model ChatGPT into its software products. Opera’s parent company Kunlun Tech is behind the news, although the details of the integration remain limited. Opera offers a range of software products, including desktop web browsers, mobile web browsers, and a version of its browser designed for Chromebooks.

The most likely candidates for the ChatGPT integration are Opera’s main desktop browsers, including Opera browser and Opera GX, a browser designed for gamers. However, there is also potential for integration into Opera’s mobile browsers, including the regular Opera mobile browser, Opera Mini, and Opera Crypto Browser.

Recent updates from Microsoft and Google

Microsoft made headlines this week by announcing OpenAI integration into its Microsoft Edge web browser. The integration will bring two AI-powered features, Chat and Compose, to Edge users in the future. Chat allows users to communicate directly with the AI in the browser. At the same time, Compose helps users with text composition, including writing emails and social media posts with different tones and lengths.

During a recent presentation, Google did not announce direct AI chatbot integration into its Chrome browser, which received a less-than-enthusiastic response.

What’s next

Opera browser is used by hundreds of millions of users, with a 2.4% share of the global browser market, according to Statcounter. While it may trail behind Google Chrome’s 65% and Safari’s 18%, it still holds its own compared to Mozilla Firefox’s 3%.

Kunlun Tech is a Beijing-based company listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange. This week, Chinese search giant Baidu announced plans to integrate a ChatGPT-style bot into its search product.

In conclusion, the integration of ChatGPT into the Opera browser represents a significant step forward in AI-powered web browsing. As companies like Microsoft and Baidu integrate AI technology into their products, Opera is positioning itself as a leader in the field.

With hundreds of millions of users and a growing presence in the browser market, the integration of ChatGPT into Opera is a highly-anticipated development.


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