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Fedora 37 Default Wallpaper Looks Refreshing

Fedora 37 default wallpaper is revealed, and it features a refreshing look.

In every Fedora official release (which happens twice a year), we experience a new official wallpaper. And especially Fedora wallpapers give an artistic impression with some abstractness in mind.

The wallpaper themes have been “nature” for the past few Fedora releases. And the upcoming Fedora 37 wallpaper also features the same.

Fedora 37 Default Wallpaper

Usually, each wallpaper comes with a day and night version. The day version is for the light themes in GNOME and the night versions are for the dark theme.

Madeline Peck – the artist who designed the Fedora 37 wallpaper, is seeking feedback from the community on the draft wallpapers.

The artist showed us a glimpse of the variants on the official blog post. Here’s how they look.

Day options

Night options

In my humble opinion, these look great and awesome. In fact, these wallpapers look better than the default wallpaper from the last Fedora 36 release.

With that said, if you have any feedback or comments, you may start a thread in the official Fedora forum. I’m unsure where to give feedback since I could not find any link to the post.

On another note, Fedora 37 beta is expected on September 29th 2022, and the final release on October 25th 2022.

Do you like these nice wallpapers? Share your feedback in the comment section.

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